Strategy and Competitive Advantages

Company strategy

Our strategy, directed by TMG Capital, is guided by the following principles:

Maintain our focus on the development of innovative solutions, supported by technological development, with the ability to adapt to the specific demands of our current and future clients.
Increase our efforts to develop and sell services with a significant analytical component, which provides increased margins and can foster our growth in the long term.
Leverage growth based on opportunities created by the transition to a business environment in which the inclusion of consumer data in the Cadastro Positivo is automatic and organic, or through acquisitions.
Accelerate the migration to digital recovery services.
Expand our relationships with existing clients by offering new services and increasing the use of information for other purposes of the client.
Expand the offer of services to the Northeast and Central-West regions of Brazil.
Competitive Advantages of the Company
A collaborative approach to develop customized and innovative solutions for our clients, consolidating long lasting partnerships, especially in the financial services sector, including fintechs.
A distinguished and comprehensive database, continuously expanded and improved with the application of analytical intelligence.
Highly scalable business and generation of cash from operations.
Highly experienced management team, with a significant track record in our sector, with the support of shareholders with complementary experiences.
Last update: March 22, 2022